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We are a Data Analytics Company Focusing on BI and AI

We focus on demand forecasting, and other customer and operational statistical analytics within the hospitality and retail industry

We focus on timeseries forecasting, and advanced analytics

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What we offer

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Custom Interactive Dashboards

  • Client gets access to an interactive dashboard that can include their desired analytics.


Realtime Updates

  • Dashboard is updated in realtime with low latency.


Up to 2 Consultations Per Month

  • Clients have the option to ask for revisions or updates to the dashboard twice a month.



  • We deploy the dashboards on Heroku, a hosting platform.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

We use neural networks for demand forecasting that can help optimize your company.

We provide various standard algorithms for classification and regression analysis. Our more advanced forecasting models include LSTM models for time series forecasting. We offer alternative models for timeseries forecasting such as SARIMA and SARIMAX.

We benchmark various models in order to select the most accurate one for your data.

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